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Learn how to build a successful, impactful business online and earn a high income, without being on your phone or laptop all day. 

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Life is too short to sit in an office or be on your phone all day. I wanted a Lifestyle Business that could pay me more than I needed and be achieved in less time so I could get out and live my life!

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Be your own boss and work to your schedule...not someone else's. 

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It's time to start earning what you deserve and finding the right offer, with education, mentoring and support is the key! 

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 You don't have to work for 40 years for someone else, only to help them achieve their dreams. It's time to have fun, be your own boss and start working towards your own goals. 

How I Changed Careers in my 50's, Built a Lifestyle Business and Took Control of My Life 

2 1/2 years ago I realised that I didn't have enough of a nest egg saved to enable me to live the lifestyle I wanted once I had retired! Being a single mother for over 15 years, every cent was used to keep a roof over my family's head and food on the table. I knew the only solution was to earn some extra income....and being in my fifties...I knew I was running out of time.

I had run my own business for over 20 years and although I always managed to pay all the bills, it was always a month to month struggle. I was working 7 days a week and I was burnt out, frustrated and upset with myself that no matter what I did, I just couldn't earn the amount of money that I needed, to live the lifestyle I wanted. 

 I had 2 choices....

1. Do nothing and continue to be on the hamster wheel
2. Find a way to make it happen. 

I chose to find a way. 
After researching all different types of business models for 6 months, I found a business model that ticked all the boxes and gave me Time, Location and Financial Freedom and I haven't looked back!

If you are in the same position and you are ready to make a change, I'm here to help. I’m looking for ambitious, driven, and determined individuals willing to create a better lifestyle balance for themselves and their families’ future. Don’t wait any longer to create the life you love, deserve, and desire. Let’s connect, and I’ll show you the way to create the life you dream of. 

Di xo 

Woman of all ages, just like you, who have changed their lives


Shinara lives in Auckland NZ and was struggling in her 9-5, broke and her marriage was suffering when she started her business as a High Ticket Affiliate Marketer. Listen to her amazing story of how she completely turned her life around. 


Deb is in her 50's and already owned her own traditional business in New Zealand, but with the pandamic, that business suffered and Deb realised she had to do something else to secure her income. Deb's a self confessed "technofobe" and if Deb can succeed in this business, anyone can. 


Anastasia is a young mum from Wellington NZ who was a burnt out Chiropractor. Anastasia knew she had to change something as she was preparing to start and family and wanted to be a SAHM as well as provide towards the family income. 


Steph lives on a property in country NSW, Australia. She is a young Mum who lives too far away from any town to be able to have a 9-5 job. Online business is perfect for anyone living remotely and Steph has been able to build her brand online all around her life as a farmers wife and busy mum. 


Hanna and her husband are regenerative farmers. Hannah is the perfect example of how you get to be you and do this business the way that suits you and your family. 


Rosie was a performer in the arts industry. During the pandemic, Rosie's career completely stopped, so she had to pivot and find another source of income. 

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