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Are you ready to change your life?

Are you ready to change your life?

Self Employed: 25+ years

I love being self employed. I love working my own hours, and designing my own day. I have run my own traditional sales agency business for over 25 years, after my first husband sadly passed away from cancer at the age of 36. I was left with 2 young kids (8 & 5) and the only thing I could do was take over our business and run it on my own. 

The Hustle: Juggling a business, and kids with no family around to support me

Although on the outside it looked like I was thriving...inside I was struggling. It didn't seem to matter how hard I worked..I just couldn't get to where I wanted to go. My kids often came home from school without me there, or I would be working in the office until late hours of the night. Every day seemed to be the same and I didn't feel like the work I was doing was lighting me or my family up. But what can you do? When you are in the thick of it, there is no time to come up to breathe...it's just head down and go through the motions every day. 

The Harsh Reality: No golden egg at the end. 

So after working so hard for all of those years, I still didn't have enough put away to be able to retire the way I wanted to retire. Actually, it looked like I was going to have to work until I was 70! I thought that self employment was the answer but I was so wrong. 

My Peg in the Sand Moment: Things have to Change

My peg in the sand moment came when I was chatting with my girlfriends and they were all in long term marriages and all of them appeared to be set up to be self funded retirees. It hit me that I wasn't even close to being able to do that. I knew I had to find an extra source of income, so that I could boost my small nest egg and build it up quickly so that I could enjoy my latter years. I could see others making a lot of money online, so I though - "Why not me"? 

Taking a chance: Creating an online automated business 

I may not be the smartest person in the room, and I'm not the most "techie" person, but I am driven, ambitious and determined to succeed. After 6 months of searching all different types of business models, I had just about given up. I saw another masterclass being promoted online and I thought..."just watch 1 more". 
I'm so glad I did, because this business model was exactly what I needed and what I was looking for. It ticked all the boxes for me. It offered me a high-profit product and a compensation plan that would allow me to get to where I wanted to financially. It came with a tonne of automation so that I didn't have to be on my phone all day, yet I earn more than I ever have. 

Lessons Learned: There is another way

I can't turn back time, but if I could, I would have opened my eyes and my mind to what was available to me years ago. I wouldn't have listened to what is expected of us....work hard for 40 years and then retire on your super or a pension. I wish I had found this years ago, when I was a single mum and I could have enjoyed my kids childhood so much more. 

An Invitation to Create Your Own Legacy

If you are still reading this and it is resonating with you and you are also wanting to create a better life and future than what you have right now, then let's connect by sending me a PM. If you are ambitious, determined, coachable and willing to learn, then I would love to work with you. You can create some serious wealth for yourself and your family, like thousands of woman have already done. 

Di xo 

Ready to change your life?

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